Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster - Summer 2009 Tips

Generally the growth of your hair will be determined by hereditary factors so if your mother or father had faster growing hair, the chances are that you will as well. However, diet, lifestyle and many other factors can determine whether or not your hair grows faster or slower but there are a few natural things that you can do to speed things up a little.
Generally the hair will only grow by around six inches per year but this is not a definite guideline as all people are different. One of the best ways to ensure that your hair is growing as fast as it can is to make sure that it is fit and healthy. This means that the hair needs to be in good condition and without repeated use of hair styling products or heated tools such as straightening irons and hair dryers.
Reducing the amount of split ends that you have will help hair growth significantly so by having regular trims may shorten the hair for a little while, the removal of split ends will aid the hair to grow faster and longer.
There are some natural extracts that you can take to try and boost hair a little but the one thing that you must remember is that there are no miracle cures so steer well clear of anything that promises miracle results.
Kelp tablets can help to strengthen and speed up the growth of hair and gelatin is another thing that you may find useful in your quest. Overall however, better conditioned hair will grow faster than dry or damaged hair so take care of your locks and they will grow as best that they can.
Pictures by Stefie Jones


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