Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shaggy Hairstyle - Summer 2009

You have long shags, medium shags and short shags. You should keep in mind that the shaggy hair cut is not just going to happen and it may be hard to achieve on your own, unless you know what you are doing.

Meg Ryan Shaggy Style

For that shag hair cut that is flawless, you will need to go to the stylist who will be able to determine just what type of shag hair cut is going to look the best on you. The stylist that is skilled will be able to cut the shattered layers in order to thin out even the thickest hair and add volume to the hair at the same time.

Shaggy Boy

If you are looking for medium shag, then you should keep in mind that this looks good on most people, except for those individuals that have hair that is very frizzy or curly. This is because the layers will adjust in order to suit the shape of the face. Thanks to those layers that are uneven, when the hair grows out, it is still going to look good, but you should still have it cut every eight weeks in order to maintain the look you like.

Shaggy Girl

Those individuals that are looking for sexy, messy on purpose hairstyles may want to look into the wavy shag hair cut. This is perfect for those individuals that have thick hair. Individuals that have fine hair may not be able to pull it off too well. Tell your hairstylist that you would like the layers to stay long.

Medium Shaggy Hair


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